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So how are we going to fund this show? We've tried to wrangle some corporate sponsors ... and we're still hopeful that some will step up. But it's time to take this to the people!

We're going to give crowdfunding the ol college try. We're using indegogo, which is a cool new grass roots way to fund projects. But what's really cool is if we don't meet our funding goal ... You won't pay! That's right, so there really is no downside. If we don't pull in enough dough to cover the show costs, you won't get charged. And if we do ... You'll get to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks show in Sail Bay.

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Bring the Fireworks Back to Sail Bay

- Everyone

The History

The 4th of July fireworks show on Sail Bay has been a beach tradition for nearly 30 years. It started in 1983 when the City Park & Recreation Department contacted John Leppert about helping with a fireworks show. Seems the city had $2,500 seed money in their budget that year. In future years John Leppert raised money from his friends both in and out of the club. In those days the show was shot off the corner of our property where the Rowing Club now stands.

In 1987 the Fire Marshal said we could no longer fire the fireworks from the corner of our parking lot so we had to rent a barge shoot the show from out in the bay. That also meant we had to better organize the safety perimiter. John Leppert passed away in 2001. With his passing we also lost the contributions from people outside the club but were able to raise enough money from the voluntary donations from club members. Around 2005 the Paradise Point started a 4th of July party and included a fireworks show. Their budget was bigger than ours but we could shoot larger shells because we had the space for the safety zone. After a couple of years Paradise Point decided to have their party on July 3rd. In late 2011 Paradise Point changed management companies and the new managers did not want to continue with the show so that left only MBYC proividing fireworks in Sail Bay. In 2012, the costs to support the show were too much for the MBYC membership and for the first time in almost 30 years, we didn't have fireworks on Sail Bay.

Who we are

Mission Bay Yacht Club was founded in 1927. The club is family oriented and exists to perpetuate corinthian yachting and sportsmanship. Check out our website.


We are currently looking for sponsors. Show your support to the local community and get your "name in lights" below ...

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Great Local Business

We are currently looking for sponsors to help fund the show.

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Great Local Business

We are currently looking for sponsors to help fund the show.

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Great Local Business

We are currently looking for sponsors to help fund the show.

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Great Local Business

We are currently looking for sponsors to help fund the show.

Friends of the Fireworks

Making a campaign like this come together takes a lot of work and we wouldn't the support of these folks, we wouldn't be making the progress we are. Thanks to our friends!

Help Us Light Up the Sky

for the 4th of July

The Budget

Over the years, the costs associated with this show have increased and support from local resorts has decreased. Those of us at Mission Bay Yacht Club would love to see the tradition of fireworks in Sail Bay continue, and we're happy to donate our time to handle the logistics, but we don't have the funds to pay for the big ticket items.

Big Ticket Items

We have 3 primary expenses associated with the show; $11,000 for the fireworks display, $10,000 for the barge to shoot the fireworks from, and around $3,900 in permits & fees.

Our Time

The logistics for a show of this size are significant and include; obtaining permits, arranging the fireworks and the barge with vendors, coordinating with law enforcement agencies, and providing safety perimeter patrols during fireworks show.

Contact Details

Please contact us at if you have any questions about the program. Or fund us through indiegogo ... we appreciate your support!

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